PAC Job, Pakistan aeronautical complex jobs 2021

By | July 12, 2021

PAC Job, Pakistan aeronautical complex jobs 2021 Applications have been invited from Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK ¬†all different areas of Pakistan domiciles for BPS-03 starting from BPS-18 as announced in PAC Camera Jobs 2021. Now Well educated and experienced against the following position’s job in pakistan.

PAC Jobs 2021 Positions Name:

  • Account Assistant (BPS-12)
  • AFM Air Conditioning Mechanic (BPS-14)
  • AFM Aircraft Finisher (BPS-14)
  • AFM Air Frame Fitter (BPS-14)
  • AFM Armor Footer (BPS-14)
  • AFM Electric Fitter (BPS-14)
  • AFM Engine Footer (BPS-14)
  • AFM Machinist (BPS 14)
  • AFM Metal Worker (BPS 14)
  • AFM radio footer (bps 14)
  • AFM Security Equipment Technician (BPS14)
  • Assistant Director (BPS-17)
  • Assistant Works Manager (BPS-17)
  • Whether (BPS-03)
  • Boiler Operator (BPS-13)
  • Charging Hand Electronics (BPS-12)
  • Charging Hand Painter (BPS-12)
  • Charging Handheld Radio Footer (BPS-12)
  • Charging Hand Radar Footer (BPS-12)
  • Computer Operator (BPS-14)
  • Cook (BPS-03)
  • Data Processing Assistant (BPS-08)
  • Drugsman (BPS-12)
  • FM Avionics (BPS 15)
  • Hobart Operator (BPS-10)
  • HSM Carpenter (BPS-10)
  • HSW Metal Worker (BPS-10)
  • IT Assistant (BPS-14)
  • IT Assistant (BPS-15)
  • Junior Security Supervisor (BPS-09)
  • Laboratory Assistant (BPS-10)
  • Laboratory Assistant (BPS-14)
  • Lady Doctor (BPS-17)
  • LDC (BPS-09)
  • Medical Assistant (BPS-14)
  • Medical Officer (BPS-17)
  • Medical Officer (BPS 18)
  • Nursing Sister (BPS-10)
  • Nursing staff (BPS-15)
  • Senior Charging Hand Electric Fitter (BPS-13)
  • Senior Charge Hand Machine (BPS-13)
  • Senior Incharge Hand Metal Worker (BPS-13)
  • Senior IT Assistant (BPS-16)
  • Senior Medical Assistant (BPS-16)
  • Stenotype (BPS-14)
  • Store Keeper (BPS-09)
  • Store Man (BPS-10)
  • Supervisor Air Frame Fitter (BPS-11)
  • Supervisor Arm Armor Footer (BPS-11)
  • Telephone Operator (BPS-09)
  • UDC (BPS-11)
  • Works Manager (BPS 18)

How to apply for PAC Job?

  • To apply online, candidates can visit their official website
  • Note that all appointments will be made on merit
PAC Job, Pakistan aeronautical complex jobs 2021
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